Types of Fuels Natural Gas Diesel Oil Coal Petrol
Carbon Dioxide 117000 135250 164000 208000 285700
Nitrogen Oxide 92 1632 448 457 4081
Sulphur Oxides 0.6 1121 1122 2591 204
Particulates 7 1021 804 2744 40.8
  • Eco-friendly and Clean Fuel.
  • No possibility of Adulteration or Pilferage of Fuel.
  • Low maintainance / Operating  Cost.
  • Nearly  75 % Cheaper Power than Diesel Generators.
  • Low Vibrations, low Emissions & low Noise.
  • Future Fuel of the Century.
  • * Full Loading:-
  • Payback period for technology cost is 5 months. Complete Generator Set Cost recovery period is 1.5 Years.
  •  * Part Loading:-
  • Payback period for technology cost is 5.5 months. Complete Generator Set Cost recovery period is 2.0 Years.
(This is dependent on Cost of Fuels , Composition & Ambient conditions at location. Please contact Engineer for exact details)
The Company warrants each Gas Genset sold by it to be free from defects in material and workmanship subject to the following terms and conditions :
  1. The period of warranty shall be 12 months from the date of despatch of engine from works or 3000 hours of operation whichever is earlier.

  2. In the event of transfer or any alientation otherwise of the engine during the warranty period mentioned in Clause I above warranty shall stand terminated unless prior written consent of Company is obtained.

  3. The obligation under warranty shall be limited to either repairing or replacing free of charge such parts of the Gas Gensets as are deemed to be defective in the opinion of Company and shall not extend to consequential losses. All the damaged or defective parts that have been replaced shall become the property of  M/S. Green Power Solutions.

  4. The buyer shall have no other right except those  expressly stated herein and have in particular no right to repudiate the sale, or any agreement or to claim any reduction in the purchase price of the engine or to demand any damages or compensation for losses, consequential or otherwise, incurred or accrued.

  5. The customer will be responsible for
    • the cost of non-durable materials (lubricants, fuel filters, rubber items etc.)
    • the cost of maintenance and lubrication operation.
    • the cost of repairs made necessary by normal wear and tear, accidents or improper use, not authorized by GPS or by improper/ storage or negligence.
    • the cost  of repairs caused by damage due to fire, flood, earthquake or such natural calamities or by civil disturbances.

  6. The customer will be responsible for
    • If the engine is used in ways not recommended by the Company, if any features of the engine are modified , if the engine is repaired or disassembled, even partially, by persons not belonging to GPS, if the engine is loaded beyond power permissible or if the installation of the engine is not as per the recommendations of GPS.
    • If the fuel system is altered or the relative seals tampered, if unsuitable lubricants or fuels or coolants are employed or non-genuine spare parts are fitted.
    • If the Services are not carried out on time.
    • If the recommended maintenance & operational practice is not followed.

  7. When a part is replaced under the terms of warranty the benefits of the warranty shall apply to the replacement parts for the remainder of the warranty period stated in clause I above.

  8. GPS reserves the right to modify the technical specifications of any introduce improvement to its Gas Genset at any time and is under no obligation to apply such modifications or improvements to engines, produced at an early date.

  9. This warranty is in lieu of and excludes all conditions warranties liabilities express or implied, whether in common law statute or otherwise in relation to all Gensets, whether covered by warranty or not.

  10. Any claim or application in connection with the sale of  GREEN POWER SOLUTIONS Gas Genset shall be subject to the jurisdiction of Courts in Navi Mumbai only.