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In a growing INDIA there is an ever increasing demand for Electricity , a long term solution will lie in ALTERNATE & RENEWABLE energy sources and more efficient means of converting and utilizing energy through CLEAN & ECO - FRIENDLY Fuels and Technologies.

M/s GREEN POWER SOLUTIONS, as SOLE ALL INDIA NATURAL GAS GENSET OEM’s& SERVICE DEALERS of M/s ASHOK LEYLAND , have successfully Supplied, Installed & Commissioned innumerable GAS GENSETS in INDIA. These Versatile & Economical gensets can operate on various types of gases like PNG, CNG, LPG, BIO GAS, PRODUCER GAS,COAL BED METHANEetc.

This is the best time to promote GREEN TECHNOLOGIES as our contribution towards reducing Climatic change due to EMISSIONS. Thus GREEN POWER SOLUTIONS provides you a GREENER alternative in meeting your energy needs & at the same timea HARMONIOUS preservation of the EARTH for future generations.
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Eco friendly and clean fuel
No possibility of adulteration or Pilfearge
Uninterrupted power supply
Cheaper power than Diesel generators
Low maintenance
Power nearly 50% cheaper
Lower payback period for additional capital cost
Low maintenance / operating cost
Low vibrations
Low Noise
Future fuel of the century
Made in INDIA product